// How to Knit Yourself a Sweater, part 2: Choosing Yarn and a Size//

I might be a little crazy to combine these two subjects, but they kind of go together. After you’ve chosen your pattern, you’re going to need to choose a yarn (in this scenario, you’re not a person who stashes yarn like crazy without a plan, so you get to go buy yarn; if you, like me, do stash like crazy, you can still use this information).

In our example from part 1, we were looking for a…

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// How to Knit Yourself a Sweater, part 1: Choosing the pattern//

A friend recently asked me for help with choosing a pattern to knit her first sweater. I started to text her back with a series of texts, before realizing that this could make for an excellent blog post. So, if you, too, are getting closer to that sweater-knitting ledge and about ready to take the plunge (it’s a fun one, I promise), here are some of my tips for choosing that first sweater…

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// Throwback Thursday in Knits: Botany College Hand Knits//

Just in time to miss all of the back to school malarkey, I’m taking a look at this booklet from Botany Yarns (here’s an interesting write-up and brief history on Botany Yarns).


We’ve got an introduction on the “Smart Girl’s Guide to Hand Knits.” Absolutely nothing implied there. And also some quick reference material, including sizing information (they do have a few patterns that go up to a 44″…

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// FO: Iron Maiden//


And then I went a little crazy with the photography.

Anyway, I finally finished my Iron Maiden shawl, knit in Your Mom Knits’ Max in the color “shieldmaiden.” See, this is what happens when you listen to my random tweets about History Channel’s Vikings colorway yarns—I buy them and knit them. (Maybe not as quickly as I’d intended.)

I was trying to channel…

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// Threadpanda on Bloglovin’//

Threadpanda on Bloglovin’

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Nothing to really see here, folks, just doing some business back-end stuff. But hey, if you’re using Bloglovin’ to read your favorite blogs, why not follow me there?

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// Throwback Thursday in Knits: 101 Sweaters by Women’s Day, part 2//

Throwback Thursday in Knits: 101 Sweaters by Women’s Day, part 2

When last we left our heroes old school knitting patterns, we’d made it through the selection of women’s patterns I’d prepared. Today we have some men’s and children’s offerings!



No lie, I dig the colorwork woven pattern, just maybe not on a sweater.


Garter stitch body, stockinette sleeves.





And this is what the pattern section looks like. My eyes are kind of crossing…

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Fantastic Breasts and Where to Find Them

Truth. This is why fanfiction is a better class of porn for the people who want more than staged orgasms and fake ‘pretty’ woman.

more than fucked up patriarchal power fantasies

I mean yes, at it’s best.

I cannot agree with this more. I have never wanted to agree with something so much in my life. In the words of the Tumblr kids; I cannot. Squeeing. Flailing. asdfghjkl;’;lkjhgfdsaasdfghj. Or something like it. “My sex is magic. It is part of a bigger story.” is all and everything I have ever wanted. Ever. What makes sex is context. 

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// Live Tweet Review: Rowan Magazine 56//

Live Tweet Review: Rowan Magazine 56

I’ve been talking about the Rowan Magazine 56 ever since I saw the preview for it—I first talked about it here in the very first Last Week on the Web. I finally got my hands on it, purchased and shipped very quickly from Jimmy Beans Wool and I decided to live tweet a review—which basically just means I flooded twitter with inane ramblings and photos.

Myyyy precious. The live tweet will totally…

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Spend 7 minutes of your life watching this show on gendered marketing

"triathalon lube. it’s a thing!"

This is a pretty great video!

Amy: (noun)